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We are a dental team of Highly qualified and trained specialists and assistants. An older branch established 17 years back, still runs successfully at old housing unit, Yagappa nagar, Thanjavur. The clinic is lead by the highly efficient husband and wife duo. Dr. Sethuraman and Dr. Meena who are both super specialists in their respective dental field.

Our Aim

1. To provide good quality comprehensive treatment to one and all.

2. To cater to the needs of both local and international patients, both young and old.

3. To follow advanced and latest technology.

4. To provide all types of dental treatment under one roof.

5. To provide treatment at an affordable cost.

Our Team

Dr. V. Raajamanickam Sethuraman B.D.S., M.D.S (OMFS);PGCE (ENDO), L.L.B

Dr. Sethuraman has a vast clinical experience of more than 17 Years. He is a consultant in many reputed clinic and Hospitals all over Tamil Nadu including Meenakshi Mission Hospital. He excels in advanced surgical, maxillofacial and cosmetic treatment like head and neck trauma, cancer, cleft lip and palate, rhinoplasty, orthognathic surgery, implantology etc... He is well known for his instant and accurate diagnosis as well as his versatility in all the fields. He will have removed your teeth even before you knew it. He does only what is required, avoiding unnecessary treatment, just for the sake of commercialism.

His other areas of interest are widespread ranging from Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Gemology, Politics to typically anything under the sun. You should not be surprised to see patients waiting not just for dental needs but also to consult him about anything related to the above mentioned fields or just to have a casual chat.

Dr. Sethuraman is an extremely hard working, sincere and a very passionate clinician. He is ever approachable, a friendly and a social person.

Dr. (Mrs.) S. Meena, B.D.S., M.D.S (Perio), P.G.C.E (Endo), M.B.A

Dr. Meena, a gold medallist, has a clinical experience of more than ten years. She excels in the field of gum surgery, other Periodontal and Mucogingival treatment, Laser treatment, endodontic and implantology. She has given up her academic career to concentrate on private practice. She has many national and international papers to her name. A passionate periodentist, she finds it more important to educate patients and increase dental awareness amongst them.

Other activities which she frequentlyengages in are music, spiritual and social activities and spending time with her 2 years old son. Having spend most of her life in north india, it makes her day, when she gets a chance to speak in hindi with patients.

A lady with few words, She is a simple, Kind, down to earth and the silent force behind the man holding the mantle.



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